Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 23, 2020

These are a simpler design but made of the same type of corrugated plastic that Chris Jensen’s classic black boxes (sorry no longer available for sale). I have several of those and they are great for storing and transporting. I didn’t design a lid for these because what I really wanted was something that would fit perfectly on my own warehouse shelves not go to TORs.

This side by side can show you what I am trying to accomplish. These bin cardboard boxes have moved with me several times over the last 5 years and are beat to heck. So my new blue bin boxes will allow me to maximize space and recycle lots of very well used bin boxes in my warehouse. The added benefit is that it gives me a great opportunity to do a complete inventory of my online store.

eBay has given sellers 50k free listings from the beginning of the virus outbreak until reportedly the end of July. So with that flexibility I’ve been adding lots of new inventory to my stores. I’ve also started a realignment that will move some inventory from one overcrowded store to even things out before eBay goes back to charging full price for listings.

I have been selling off a Georgia OA collection for some time now. Tonight I have auctions ending from Alapaha Lodge 545 on eBay. On Patchsniper I’ve got 182 auctions on SAPs from all over the country. On OApatch I have 174 auctions on OA flaps and issues. On ScoutPatchHQ I have 64 auctions on CSPs.

I don’t really have any more vacation plans for a month so it’s time to get busy cranking on my inventory project. I’m not really going to take my foot off the gas until possibly August at this point in terms of getting new stuff listed. I just don’t think this will be a typical cold summer for sales with camps, Philmont and NOAC cancelled.



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