Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 21, 2020

I saw on Facebook where Tom Price and Todd Rogers had published a nice book on collecting Western PA conclaves. My experience has been that having niche books like this is what can power the hobby. When you have a beautifully laid out checklist and pictures it kinds excites the collector in all of us.

I have not started my next project which will be a camp/council strip book for my home area. I’ve got my co-author onboard to help get it done but now I need to work on the scans and laying it all out. These things are a labor of love but what else do I have to do with summer camp cancelled.

I announced maybe a year ago that I was going to grow a store from 0 to 10k listings. Now that it’s June I can see the progress on OApatch. Right now I have just under 6k items. Part of the strategy is running all my new listings as auctions and rolling the unsold ones into the store. To that end I have 175 live auctions right now on the account.

Tonight I have 18 auctions ending from a nice OA and camp collection on Santeeswapper. On Patchsniper I am continuing to auction off all of my SAPs with 187 live right now. There are 64 live auctions on ScoutPatchHQ focused on CSPs.

Home from vacation and the to-do list today includes mowing the grass, giving the dogs a bath and of course a grocery list. Well at least my wife did say I could run out to the office to knock a few things out so I can have a productive week.



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