Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 19, 2020

All this week my family has been vacationing at Fripp Island in South Carolina. During the down time I’ve actually spent some time solving a few problems I’ve had with the business. My wife has even given me some counsel since she edits small business stories as part of her role as a Senior Editor for a large online finance company. Nothing ground breaking but sometimes you seem to think more clearly when you staring out at a salt marsh rather than locked in an office.

The blue boxes that I’m having produced to hold my inventory have been picked up at the factory and are in route. What I was going for was building a simpler version of Chris Jensen’s famous black boxes to use in my warehouse. These are a single wall without dividers and so far I have not made a lid for them. I have a unique shelving system in my warehouse and I just wanted to get something made from scratch that was the right fit for me. I’ll include pictures next week when they show up.

One of the projects that I may get to before we leave is evaluating all the URLs that I own. I honestly think I have about 20 that I have purchased through the years. Maybe half of those actually serve a purpose. I need to look at the cost of the dead weight and decide what projects deserve some time devoted to them.

I have achieved a perfect balance on OApatch with 25 auctions starting and ending every night. That gives me 175 live auctions on OA flaps and 2-piece sets. Patchsniper has a run of all SAPs at auction with 185 on a similar schedule. I’m running 114 auctions on council shoulder patches on my newly renamed ScoutPatchHQ account.

Even this morning as I’m at the beach both of my employees are going to pop in today and keep all the orders shipped out. Usually we ship on M-W-F including Best Hobby Pages. I don’t think I got a single text or call from my ladies this week so either they are trained well or it’s been a slow week at the office!?



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