Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 16, 2020

When I get back from vacation I should be ready to receive a pallet load of 400 corrugated plastic bins that I had custom made for my warehouse. These will help me organize and store all my active inventory. Imagine the old Jensen Black Boxes without dividers or lids. Oh and these are blue also!

When I get home I will also have a huge shipment of Best Hobby Pages coming in. This includes a reorder on the popular 2-pocket envelopes and 4-pocket pages. I have to order things in quantities of 25k these days so it’s a big check to write!

I still see that some Scout camps are opening up this summer. I am happy for them and wish them the best. I am a camp guy and I just think that a week at summer camp can be an awesome experience for Scouts (and the staff!). While I’m disappointed that my camp got corona cancelled hopefully some other units will get to enjoy an outdoor Scouting experience this summer at another camp that made it work.

Thanks to a friend I know know that this arrowhead that I started at $9.95 might go for as much as $300 at auction. This only proves my strategy of running everything through auctions first! See this and the other 172 auctions live on OApatch. I have 181 live auctions on Patchsniper including some really nice OA from Montana and the Pacific Northwest. On my final account I have 189 auctions running on CSPs.

My family is spending some time on vacation this week. Ironically it’s about the only break we will all get as my daughter’s new summer job will have me or my wife running her back and forth every day. After this summer I will understand that stage where the parents are happy to get their kid a car!



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