First Flap Report: What’s the State of the Patch Economy?

Like many of you I am a member of ISCA and in the OA news column they frequently cite the realized prices of First Flaps and compare them to the previous price guide listing. So just for fun I thought I would try this model minus the price guide.


OA 415 Lemollillahee First Flap


OA 524 Chippecotton First Flap


OA 312 Nebagamon First Flap


Okiciyapi OA Lodge 56 F1 Rare First Flap Mikanakawa


Minsi Lodge 5 F1 Cut Edge First Flap FF 1956 PA OA


BSA OA Lodge 104 Occoneechee First Flap S1 ~ Mint Cond.


Kecoughtan Lodge 463 s1a First Flap Rare !!!


OA 411 Unilachtego F1


OA 343 Wapsu Achtu First Flap


OA 175 Lakota First Flap


324 Ini-To First Flap


OA 384 Tiadaghton First Flap


OA 483 Chanco First Flap


Ag-Im 156 F1 First Flap


BSA OA ~ Lodge 407 ~ Navando Ikeu F1 ~ First Flap ~Mint




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