The Holy Grail Has Been Found! Call Indiana Jones

I’ll list this one without passing judgment. Those of you inclined to post a response are free to give your opinions as we know people on patchblanket are apt to do! Ok I will get in one jab. “continous” is misspelled. I could not resist! 😀

Merit badge with continous loop needle still attached

From the seller: Yes, it’s a rocks and minerals merit badge.Ok, some of you are already scratching your heads and calling all your scout friends laughing at this.

But here’s the deal, this patch is rarer than all other merit badges. The reason is the needle that’s attached. This is the missing link for how the borders were made. Many of you have not believed that the border is a continuous loop on merit badges, eagle rank, early OA first flap borders or anything else made for scouting from the dates of the Eisner Jackets till fine twill in WWII. This is a push me / pull me needle. It was used to run one long stitch up, over, down and over to create a border the old fashion way.

This was replaced by the lock stitch which we see in later merit badges, insignia, the way border are constructed today and so on. Lock stitch has a process on the under side that loops a thread around the to form the border.

Here’s a chance to own a truly unique piece of insignia that’s really one of a kind. This is the only example known to my knowledge and the knowledge of us on the east – so I’d love to be shown otherwise – bottom line – you aren’t likely to see this one again.

Please ask questions and bring on any offers.


Here is a more traditional example of a BigJim Award for those of you unfamiliar with the concept.

Vintage Boy Scout Green Canvas Backpack/Haversack

By jason on July 14th, 2009 at 1:19 am

I have seen this particular merit badge and it is quite unique. For someone building a detailed collection of Merit badges this would be a nice addition. Joe must need some cash or he would not be selling this merit badge. There are some merit badge collectors out there with DEEEEEEEP pockets who may jump at this offer. I would like to have the merit badge in my collection but I am a poor retired senior citizen.


By BigJim on July 15th, 2009 at 2:20 am

I guess I’m not really understanding why this mb is so special. Is it because it’s a Rocks & Minerals which is really rare, or is it because a continuous loop needle was accidentally left attached to it? The seller even says that all patches prior to WWII were made this way so the continuous loop vs. lockstitch border doesn’t seem like the factor driving the BigJim price.

Or maybe I’m missing the whole point and we should be laughing at the ridiculously overpriced buy it now price. :confused:

By ISCA87L on July 15th, 2009 at 2:57 am

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