Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 10, 2020

Along with never wanting to throw out anything having to do with Scouting I likewise have almost never pitched used plastic pages. I remember buying similar pages as a young collector and so in my mind they are somehow worth recycling. So to that end I’ve ordered card stock blank cards that will fit many of common sizes I sorted. These pages can indeed have a 2nd chance to be useful.

Almost all pages work better with a card stock divider. However, I don’t see anybody selling them in the hobby. I reached out to my printer that makes the cards for the PAGE system of Best Hobby Pages. I measured the pages to find the exact card size that was a compromise (not all pages are shaped the same). So in about 10 days I’ll have 1/2 dozen different card stock sizes in the signature BHP grey. I even got replacement sizes for the old Brush Creek Trading envelopes as I probably have a thousand of those squirreled away from being in the hobby the last twenty years.

Similar to my blue boxes I really made these for my own projects. Mainly in this case putting together notebooks and a catalog rack to take to TORs. However, I will certainly add them to the website in case anyone wants to purchase some blank replacement cards.

Going into July I am defying my usual summer slow down and keeping a steady stream of new auctions launching. On Patchsniper I have 175 auctions on SAPs from all over the country. On my Oapatch account you can find over 200 flaps and other issues up for bids.

One of the things that prompted my plastic sorting project was my goal of getting a TOR table top set up ready for the Lodge 104 TOR. Best Hobby Pages by design are made so that the patches don’t come out easily. So having top loading old fashioned pages that are still serviceable will be a better choice if I want collectors to be able to shop my table. Hopefully in about 5 weeks I’ll have all this ready to debut.



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