Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 12, 2020

Yesterday on Facebook an announcement from the BSA rattled some people for sure. There is a consulting group looking at what the BSA should look like coming out of the bankruptcy. One of their recommendations (not policy yet) is to stop treating 18+ year old Venturers like they are youth and fold Sea Scouting into career Exploring. As someone who has collected all the insignia and related stuff from the “Senior Scouting” programs of the BSA this feels like dejavous all over again.

If you read the first few pages or Jim Clough’s reference book on collecting Senior Scouting you can see what I mean. Back in the 1930s the BSA was struggling with the question of how to keep older youth engaged. The Senior Scouting program for 15+ year old’s began in 1935 and has endured many changes with the times. I hope that Venturing and Sea Scouts can still find a place in the post-bankruptcy program.

This week I converted all of my accounts over to eBay’s new “managed payments” system. Essentially eBay has finally decided to cut PayPal out of the loop and set up it’s own internal payment processing system. If you are a buyer then you won’t notice much that is different except maybe more options to pay when you buy something. For sellers we are still nervously waiting to see what the change really looks like.

Tonight on ScoutPatchHQ I have the first of some Georgia collection items ending that were featured in an unboxing including the Bobfather flap. On Patchsniper I am running 175 auctions on SAPs – now getting to the end of boxes worth that I have to list and sell. On my Oapatch account I have 157 auctions on flaps and OA issues.

My mom is coming for a visit next week which means I will have extra help in the warehouse. We are working on an inventory project that will be ideal for her as she can pull labels and tag patches to make sure everything is accurate.



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