Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 14, 2017

The first thing to note is that this is the first Jamboree in decades where there will be no prohibition on trading between youth and adults. That was highlighted in my podcast on the topic with Russell Smart who is the Program Chairman. In 2013 they relaxed the rule but still had some control measures in place. That went so well the rule is now gone which means it’s up to the collectors in the hobby to make it work.

The most popular question I keep getting is where is the trading going to be. The answer is everywhere because there is no designated location. The Scott Visitors Center is now a beautiful and functioning part of the Jamboree and they will not allow people to clog up that area with trading. There are no flat shady areas like Ft. AP Hill to lay out miles of beach towels for trading. So wherever people congregate it will be under the full sun most likely and it will be sporadic.

What about the patch trading permit. Although I’ve not seen anything in writing YES there will be (similar to 2013) a permit that adult visitors will have to purchase in order to be vetted and trade at the Jamboree. This is only for those who want to set up a blanket and do this full time. If you are a visitor with a day pack and you just trade while standing around in line then this is not necessary. Last time we bought this in the trading post but I have not been able to confirm that for 2017.

The first day for my new store at was a smashing success. The challenge is always driving traffic to any off eBay shop and so I’ll be plugging it frequently. Some of you might want to check out my collection of $3 CSPs with free shipping. These used to be an album on my Facebook Page but I’ve converted it so that people can use the checkout feature.





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