Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 11, 2017

I’ve got a longer blog post that explains some of the history but YES this is another attempt by me to create an eBay alternative. Several dealers in the hobby have their own stand alone stores such as Chris Jensen. I’ve got a big presence on eBay (that I’ll still maintain and increase) but I think it also makes sense to have another platform that I can call my own.

Ironically it was Facebook that really pushed me to do this. This store will integrate with my Facebook page which allows me to offer a checkout option for the dollar albums that I’ve been successfully using on my FB page for a while now. No more people sending me a dozen messages back and forth to see if I have a $3 CSP. Now they can just click and make the purchase! To try this out click the “Shop Now” feature on my Facebook Page.

The other impetus for this venture was landing a huge consignment – the Marty Wasznicky collection. Going by the name “the Silverfox Trader” he was a big trader for many years thanks to his son Derek that got him into the hobby. I was able to work with Marty to build out this website which at launch is probably 85% his collection.

Building a store with thousands of items to go along with my other platforms has been one of my goals for making this dream of staying home and doing patches full time doable. I still enjoy meeting people in Charlotte and watching their faces when it comes up that my full time job is selling Boy Scout patches. Hopefully I can continue to defer my return back to the classroom as my “real job” is as an educator.





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