Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 9, 2017

As I am packing I am still scoring deals to bring in more diverse trading stock. I bought some OA pieces yesterday, have a call scheduled to talk to a friend about some cloth and a collector in NY is trying to put his hands on some stuff for me. Some days I wonder just how much this hobby has evolved with social media, email and just being so connected to other collectors.

Sadly it doesn’t appear as if there will be any sort of Jamboree TOR to bring us all together up in West Virginia. The way everything is situated it makes for a great Jamboree experience but makes it a challenge to hold something off site that people can get to. I guess the closest thing will be people setting up on the side of the road to have their week long yard sales as the visitors drive in and out.

Everything is on track for me to launch the sale of the Marty Wasznicky collection in the Tuesday edition of the newsletter. I’ve got several thousand items ready to go at fixed price so there will be some fireworks. My goal was to get all this done before Jamboree and I’m pretty excited that I will make that happen.

I’m running a big sale on my entire inventory so I can move some cloth before I pull up stakes and head to WV. Another reason is because I’m going to close down some of that inventory to take a trading stock to the Jamboree. So it’s either sell it this weekend or it’s going with me.





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