Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 7, 2017

This week I was able to finally get back in my antique mall booth after having been gone a lot in June. She’s looking pretty good! I’ve made room on the shelves to the point where I can take a few boxes of items and do some restocking. Yes that is a tub of dollar patches square in the middle of the booth. I’m sure a few of them walk off but man do people love to dig through that bin. Find out more at

Several months ago I took a trip up to the Northeast and drove home with a big consignment collection. Some of you may know Marty personally and others may just remember the ads he ran for years in the ISCA Journal. I’ve got several thousand of his items ready to post for sale and the plan is to turn on the switch just in time for the Tuesday Hot Finds. If you collect New England be ready to see one of the premiere OA collections from that area hit the market!

Another project I need to wrap up before leaving for Jamboree is the all new lodge memorabilia guide I’ve been working on with Nathan Kohler. This is just for my home lodge Santee 116 but it’s a completely redone patch book that has EVERYTHING. We are 99% done and just need to do the minor editing and proofing to call it finished and publish it.

With the 17% off sale running all weekend I’m setting myself up for a busy week. I am dropping my daughter off at a week long church camp Sunday and my son will be attending VBS in the morning all week. The forecast is looking good for a productive week in the patch cave. Since I’ll be leaving for Jamboree the following week so I better get some stuff done!





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