Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 4, 2017

I decided to join a couple more Girl Scout memorabilia collector Facebook groups since I came home with extras of the GS Jamboree patch. One of them I joined has a 16 point rules list pinned to the top of the news feed. Meanwhile the SPC group that I helped start has 0. It struck me that there must be some societal reflection there that the GS collectors have it broken down to who you can offer a second chance to and we are like the wild wild west.

I only got to catch the tail end of the swapping at GS Jamboree because my group got the last canopy tour of the day. Things were really hopping though and I poured a big bag of old GS patches on the tables and 3 of my Scouts went at it trading for a good thirty minutes. They divided up the bounty later and did share a little with the girls that were too tired to stick around and had already headed back to camp.

For many of us going to the National Jamboree in a couple weeks this is the calm before the storm. I’ve got a visiting niece from CA this week so I can’t get a whole lot done. But next week my daughter is away at a church camp and my son has VBS so that will be my week to do some heavy lifting getting ready to go. I need to shut down some of my eBay inventory so I can use that for trading stock along the way.

I’ve been hinting for a while that I’ve got another big online project ready to roll out. The pieces keep falling into place for this to come online just in time for the Jamboree. I’ve been working on it for 6 months so you would think that would be enough time to push the on button.





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