Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 21, 2017

There are about 30,000 people at the Jamboree which will make for lots of excitement and fellowship over the next week. I have already received some messages from inside the Jamboree that lead me to think all these expensive sets are putting a bind on good old patch trading. Hard to blame a Scout for being hesitant to trade a set his mom paid $75+ for. I’ll get to see for myself when I go in today.

When I checked yesterday there were only 1300 items on eBay that answered to the search 2017 Jamboree. My guess is each day that number will climb. eBay charges you a $1 fee for running auctions of the 1 or 3 day variety so that will cause some sellers to rethink their strategy.

The interesting thing about the first day is you have no idea where the hot spots are going to be. All this patch trading stuff at the Jamboree happens organically and is not on the schedule in any way. Along those lines there is no telling what will the “hot sets” although several contenders are already making a splash. With Facebook we got to see most sets months ago as they were being promoted and sold by the councils.

Of course my goal is to trade my old stuff for new stuff and then sell that on eBay. It’s a time tested strategy for these big Scouting events and there will be a bunch of collectors looking to do the same thing. I’ll be posting mine up for bids on eBay which you can find at my store





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