Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 23, 2017

This is a picture with the Scout that made my very first trade at the Jamboree. Thanks to Russell Smart and the leadership of the BSA the old rule prohibiting adult/youth trading is gone and everybody seems happy with that. The question of where will the trading be has turned into a moving target. I have seen some good action around the visitors center and also down by Action Point where a lot of the vendor tents are for the OA.

Yesterday in the space of an hour I had 2 Scouts recognize me from YouTube and an adult heard me talking and realized I was the guy behind the SHF Radio podcast. That was in addition to several fellow threadheads from the Facebook group that came up and said hello. It has been a great gathering of the young and old in the hobby up here.

Bryan who works for Scouting magazine wrote a great piece about all the big sets that have copyrighted themes for his blog. There are probably a dozen or more sets that are tie ins with established brands. Makes you kinda feel sorry for those boys who councils only made a regular JSP like we all had in the old days.

I ran into a couple of my former students yesterday and their families who had come up to visit. Turns out on the first day Landon traded for a full Guy Harvey set which was his pride and joy. His dad was afraid that Landon might be tempted to part with it before the end of the Jamboree so that patch set is now safely headed home with mom and dad back to North Carolina. I don’t know if these boys have officially caught that patch bug yet the hook is definitely in there and the next few days will see how the disease progresses.





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