How many square knots do you wear?


How many square knots do you wear? All of them that you’re qualified for, or just the “best” ones? I have earned/received eight so far and wear them all on one of my shirts. My other shirt doesn’t have any because it’s my shirt for international events and I don’t want to look like an “American Christmas tree.” LOL


I’ve noticed that when a Scouter has more than 3 rows of knots, chances are good that they were active in the Cub Scout program. With the recent proliferation of new knots, perhaps 3 and 4 rows will become more common. Some people in my area used to disdain wearing the James E. West knot because “you bought it” but that seems to have subsided a bit. Two individuals I know wear only 3-6 knots. Their comment, dripping with condescension, is “I think it’s tacky to wear a lot of knots.” So they just get by with only wearing their Silver Antelope, OA Distinguished Service Award, and Eagle Scout knots.


So what do you think?




I don’t wear any of my knots. I let my actions speak for who I am rather than trying to impress people with my rows of knots. A person with 6 or 7 rows of knots usualy has an EGO to go with the knots.


By BigJim on July 3rd, 2009 at 12:58 pm

I suppose you wear what you you are most proud of and provide a reminder of your journey. Personally, I wear my AOL, Eagle, Religeous Award to show my trail. The Scouter Training and Webelos Den leader knots to show I support the program. The District Award and Silver Beaver to keep me humble as I am reminded each time I put on my shirt I am not always worthy of that acclaim . And my James West to remind myself of Waite Phillips philosophy, ” We can only keep what we give away”

I suppose I could wear others from Cubs but they do not have the same feel and seem to be the past not the present

I ( as do you) know too many knot accumulators, If my council gave a jumping off a bridge knot there are two individuals who would be the first one and two recipients and a big fight between them to be number three.

By thebar on July 4th, 2009 at 1:34 am

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