Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 03, 2022



I am finally on vacation after an entire month on camp staff. It will take me a few days of sleeping in to recover but I work practically year round to look forward to these precious days of camp so I’m not complaining. Vacation also gives me a chance to look ahead to NOAC and begin to finalize plans for that trip.


Last week at camp we had troops from as far away as TN, FL and GA. It was a great week with a group of leaders that were always willing to help. I was introduced to Cuban coffee thanks to our South Florida troop and now I’m hooked. We had a great cultural exchange as we made their leaders a Low Country Boil on Wednesday.


While I have not published any unboxing videos during this summer camp marathon I do have several edited and ready to go. My wife may be wavering on her rule that we can’t bring laptops to the beach this week. So if she does give in (she has work projects) then I might get a new one published.


I had a glitch in my scheduled auctions so I had to do a hard reset. The good news is I have 25 auctions starting every day for the next three weeks on vintage event patches. Right now I have 135 auctions running live on eBay.


My family is going to the beach and appropriately it’s my camp paycheck that is paying the way. This has been my clever trick to add one more reason for my wife to let me keep running off in the summer to play camp director. I have a separate checking account for my summer camp paycheck that is designated for family vacations.






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