Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 05, 2022



When I get back to camp Sunday we will only have 1 week left before we close out the summer. I am signed up to go to NOAC with Muscogee as my home lodge did not have any adult spots available. But now it turns out that Santee and Muscogee will be merging at some point in the future so I don’t feel as guilty going with my soon-to-be lodge brothers.


I have started thinking about what I’ll take to the Pre-NOAC TOR. It will not be the kitchen sink because I’ve lined up a collection purchase on the way there that will take up some room in the van. It’s always tricky bringing a virgin collection that I have not sorted or researched to an event. This one belonged to a guy who worked for National Supply for many years so it will be interesting.


Last week Matt Delk and I finally got to run our complete concept for the Pop-Up Scout Museum. We both did short presentations on a topic with about 20 Scouts and leaders in attendance. I know that at least one leader is going home to make a patch blanket for her husband so I feel like seeds have been planted.


On eBay I have 124 live auctions running mostly on 50+ year old event patches. I got into Scouts in 1981 so I always think patches from the 1970s are old and anything in the 1960s is vintage. I figure that running a few weeks of these vintage patches is a good July strategy heading into a NOAC where the OA is going to get a lot of focus.


There are already ideas afloat between both Santee and Muscogee to make some patches to commemorate the pending merger. I’m really not in on any of those discussions but some of the guys designing stuff have shared their artwork with me.






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