Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 10, 2022



I did a quick check today and there are over 529k items in the Boy Scout category of eBay. Wow! Either that means we have a lot of collectors out there or people are really trying to move their Scout collections!?


Some of us can remember the days when the entire category was like 20k items. I don’t know what is fueling the spike but I think there are so many new issues being made that there is such an opportunity there. Some pundits thought that when the new limits came out where everyone selling over $600 per year was getting a 1099 from the IRS would dampen the marketplace. Either a lot of people didn’t get the memo from Congress or else it just didn’t matter.


I know I have been really working hard the last two years to grow my store inventory. As of today I’m sitting on 64k listings which makes up about 12% of the market in the category. On vacation this week my wife talked to me about what are my business goals. Now that she works for a start-up in Charlotte she speaks that language. That was really a question I didn’t have an answer for. I honestly don’t have a 5-year plan. Just keep growing incrementally and keep doing what works I guess!


I have 175 live auctions running on event patches from all over that are 50+ years old. If it was issued before I was born that’s vintage to me. I figure that these items are good ones to run during July when things tend to cool off in the category.


My family just returned from a week long vacation to Fripp Island in SC. We had lots of beach and pool time and I managed not to get sunburned. Was that because (as my wife says) I stayed out of the ocean? But it was a welcome trip after a month at Scout camp. But the big surprise was when I got home I had a present waiting on me. Troop 300 from South Florida sent me an espresso pot so that I could keep making the Cuban coffee that their leaders taught me to love when they were at Barstow. Now how great is that! Coffee makes the best cultural exchange gift!






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