Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 30, 2023


There is no way to give an exhaustive report of the Jamboree in one newsletter but for my part it was awesome. I had not been as a participant since George H.W. was the president and thoroughly enjoyed it. I got to do the Big Zip, kayaking, and Boulder Cove (climbing, rappelling) while still patch-trading most afternoons. It wasn’t until the VERY last day that I did a monster all-day session of patch trading. So I got to experience the whole package and came home with some great memories.



To say that patch trading was on fire during the Jamboree is an understatement. It kinda took over every unscheduled minute that I could see. The schedule kept all the Scouts in their base camp after 5 PM and so there was tons of trading on that side of the lake in the evening. Many nights I went up to the headquarters and traded patches until they turned the lights off at 10 PM.



So many adults commented to me that their kid had no interest in trading patches and therefore they didn’t send them with many. But once there the patch bug jumped up and bit them and away they went. I’m not naive in the sense that I know for a large number this will be their one and only time to trade but it was still exciting to see. I walked through rows of kids with patches spread out on their cots in front of their campsites and was smiling ear to ear.



As I only traded at Jamboree part time you won’t find every hard to get set among my 2023 eBay offerings. I managed to get 125 sets listed yesterday some with a BIN price. My wife has actually offered to help me sort today so I can get everything listed ASAP.











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