Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 30, 2019

Before trading a few patches I took a quick tour with my daughter seeing the sites near the Summit Center. The highlight of which was visiting the museum staffed by Bob Hanna, Dave Miura, Doug Schwab and Sam Fairchild to name a few. I had a nice long talk with Bob and he told me Russell Smart had a lot to do with providing the material and creating the space. If you can imagine 24 panel sections that told the story of each World Jamboree – it was impressive.

My daughter is enjoying trading and has done pretty well balancing all the fun stuff. She woke up so early Monday morning that her crew was at the canopy tours at 6 AM. I’m so glad she is getting around to all the incredible activities the Summit has to offer.

For the first time I met Mike Walton, saw the CSE from a distance and caught up with a very busy Todd Rogers. Nick Wolf was also there trading from his signature red blankets. Today I am hoping to find a good spot to set up and do some good old 1:1 trading and hopefully meet people from dozens of countries.

When I return from the Jamboree my first full day in the warehouse is Thursday. There is so much to catch up on my head will be spinning. But with a long month of August to get back in gear before the TOR calendar kicks into full gear I am looking forward to it.

The natural patch trading spot is under the grand porch of the Summit Center. I know there is another name for that building but it’s the same one everyone traded at in 2013 when it was being built. It’ a little too tight for my liking but there sure is a crowd.



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