Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 30, 2015


Well today I was going to roll out another fun “unboxing” video of a collection that I got in from Ohio…but. This time I tried using a nicer DSLR camera to shoot the video. Turns out it is way too complicated for me and the video didn’t auto focus so that everything is a bit too fuzzy in the film to make it shareable. I’m sure many of you can relate to being defeated by a camera with too many settings.

Since my wife and daughter are out of town I started a project last night at about 11 PM and finished at quarter til 4 AM. I was organizing my OA name/number collection (no it’s not that big!) and got very carried away. I’m sure none of you have started a patch project and just ignored the clock.

I am anal about putting together displays that have information labels. So in this case I want a printed label with all the pertinent information about each lodge that issued a flap. So when I display it the frames won’t just be a sea of patches but have the historical data from each lodge. I need to proof everything but I think I’ve got the spreadsheet finished and can print labels when I decide on how to mount everything.

So because lodge numbers are increasingly becoming irrelevant I’ve decided to organize my frames by state / original 12 regions. So in each state I’ll still organize them by number but at least visually when you are looking at the display the mergers will make a little more sense geographically. I guess the old history teacher in me likes lining things up by where they are from rather than lodge numbers which over time lost their meaning after so many rounds of mergers.

In place of the video I decided to put the bulk of the Ohio collection that I got in for sale via Facebook before it goes to eBay. If you have a Facebook account you are welcome to view the collection and send me a message if you want to grab anything shown. Click on Ohio Boy Scout Collection 40+ Years Old.







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