Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 06, 2021


It looks like my plans to make a trip west are coming together. Now for most of us Louisiana would not be considered “west” but when you live in North Carolina that is a true statement. I’ve confirmed 2 collections that I am driving out to pick up possibly next weekend. There is a chance I will make stops to pick up two additional collections but those folks have not confirmed yet.


I have made some trips before to go pick up collections. I’ve flown to New York, Boston and Missouri over the last five+ years and rented a van (or Uhaul) to bring stuff back. I’ve driven to Knoxville TN down into Florida and of course many places in the Carolinas. If it can fit in a box I always try and encourage folks to ship me stuff but sometimes I have to go in person for various reasons.


Later today I’ve got a great Virginia 1940s Tidewater Council merit badge sash ending before a bunch of other vintage stuff. I’ve been sorting boxes this week and trying to get the auction strategy fired back up.
I sent an email blast out to many contacts on my list (that live in the Southeast mostly) regarding the Charlotte TOR coming up Sept 17-18. Here is a copy of that email if you want to get all the details. I have vendors coming from as far away as TX, PA, KY and IL so it’s going to be a great show. As usual I’m blanketing the local Round Tables with fliers and even hitting up some of the local Scout troops as well. We have a lot of density right around that area so there is lots of potential walk in traffic.




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