Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 10, 2021


This week I’ve published my latest unboxing video featuring a neat PA collection from the West Branch Council and Camp Kline. This Scouter was also a Vigil Honor member of the OA and worked on camp staff many summers.


I have a link for the collection unboxing below. This was a fun one to crack open but sadly one of the coffee mugs he sent did not survive the trip. I know…I know why not tell him don’t ship the mugs. I usually do but sometimes I just tell people I will buy it all and so that’s how it worked out this time.


I am leaving Wednesday to head out west to Mississippi and Louisiana to pick up a couple of collections. My mom is going to be my co-pilot on this trip so I’ve cooked up an extra special detour on this trip. We are going to visit Tupelo, MS and Memphis, TN since my mom grew up a huge Elvis fan. She has never been to Graceland so we are going to change that on Friday!


I have 207 live auctions this week including over 100 vintage OA pieces from a collection I was selling off before leaving for summer camp. All of these are 45+ year old pieces and include some nice issues. I have also started auctioning off some neat pieces from the collection of a Vigil Honor member of Wahissa Lodge 118 who also worked on camp staff at Camp Raven Knob in the 1970s.


This is going to turn into a 5 day trip which is twice as long as I need to get out to pick up the collections. But my mom hasn’t gone anywhere in 2 years and she is really looking forward to getting out of the house so I’ve signed her up as my traveling partner. Being that she grew up in the 1950s she is a legit old school Elvis fan so this should be fun.






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