Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 7, 2015


Every few years the Boy Scout category gets a summer thrill when a big national event ends and thousands of new patches hit eBay. I’m going to be riding that wave too as I’ve got 290 live 2015 NOAC auctions up and kicking right now. Your Hot Finds editor will have you covered during the patch tsunami that starts now.

I thought I’d use today’s issue to share some of the patch trading stories on the trail. Turns out the most insane day of trading was Wednesday (who knew?). At least that was my impression out in front of Brody where the trading post and a dining facility were located. They kicked all the kids out of the building who wanted to trade but that led to a swarm of people under the trees and on the grass.

I did not get down to the field house to see how the trading was inside there but I can tell you where patch trading was crazy at night was the dorms. People told me that it went on well into the wee hours! Kinda reminds me of the tall tales I’ve heard of the 1983 NOAC where some guys traded in the dorms until the sun came up.

Once again those that bash adults trading with youth are in my opinion uninformed idiots. Did you actually try and trade with any kid up here that had set down a blanket? They were trained killers! I didn’t met any of them trading 1:1 and oh my the stories of how good ‘their patches” were never ended. The NOAC crowd is much older than those at Jamboree so I get the distinction but going out in that shark tank which was the sea of green grass around Brody was something.





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