Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 01, 2018

This week I got a really great collection in that I was able to film for one of my unboxing videos. This Scouter didn’t have anyone in his family interested in his stuff so I was very excited to get the call and make a deal with him. Opening the two boxes was a bit like getting a late birthday present as I knew of some of the items in the collection.


As luck would have it this collection included dupes on one of my all time favorite patches. Growing up as a kid the Santee 116 S4 Vigil Flap was a legendary patch that me and my fellow patch crazy brothers wanted bad. Turns out this guy was a member of my lodge back in 1977-78 and picked up some nice stuff.


Another cool flap with a story was from Chiriqui Lodge 391 based in the Canal Zone. He was stationed there and received in the mail after he left this S7 Vigil flap which has a hand stitched border. He even kept the envelope and note that came with it that read, “I hope you have a good time in the states. Thanks for your support when you were here”. The postmark is December 30, 1976.


One of the things in the collection that I had never seen before was a pair of Explorer swim trunks with the circle rocket design patch on them. I already offered them to my daughter for this summer and she turned her nose up. But she did lay claim to a couple of the Scouting t-shirts.
Since I am off to camp a week from Saturday I don’t know if much of this stuff will get listed before then or just wait for my return. The good thing is I have plenty of stuff on my store to keep things moving through the next 5 weeks that I’ll be gone.
If you see anything in the video that you want to make an offer on go ahead and shoot me back an email. Most of it is going to eBay but I can always be convinced otherwise.



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