Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter June 03, 2018

What would you do with about 200 uniform pieces including vintage shorts, shirts and pants? I’m considering donating them to the camp trading post this summer to help raise some money for program items that we need. I don’t know if the Scoutmasters will flip over seeing Oscar de la Renta shorts hanging up in the trading post but maybe it will bring back some nostalgia.
So far I have been creating a corner in my warehouse of all the trading post donations and it’s getting pretty big. I have several hundred Scout mugs that are going to end up on the shelf. Then there is the huge tote full of Scout hats. Every kid needs a hat for his week of camp so those might end up being good sellers.
The other thing that I’m going to be very glad to donate to the camp is dozens of 3-ring binders. Every collection I get has them and it’s one of those things you hesitate to throw away because they are so darn expensive at an office supply store. We are going to use them for the EDGE method with training on that during staff week.
I am also going to set some karma right in the universe this summer. Many years ago I bought the collection of the former (and now deceased) camp ranger at Barstow. Somehow he ended up with a bunch of camp patches and a few cases of Scout handbooks. Most of these are thirty+ years old now. So if I put them back for sale in the TP I think that’s the right thing to do.
Back in the days when I was a little bit of a hustler I would have tried to figure out some convoluted system for me to get paid for these donations. But now I can see that it’s a bit like donating to Goodwill. I am happy to be rid of this stuff taking up space in my warehouse and the camp will have the perfect audience coming that might enjoy to reuse these items.



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