Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 11, 2018

Tomorrow is the big day. My daughter will be running her ewaste drive tomorrow. I met the truck driver today and everything is in place. We even had someone from the church drop off a bunch of stuff at our house this morning. It’s going to be nice and warm for our 6 hour shift collecting broken electronics to be recycled. You can check out her website at


I literally took a break from building the last set of shelves in my warehouse to post today’s newsletter. It’s been a grueling month getting everything moved in here and maximizing the space by building shelves that go floor to ceiling. Luckily I think this last section will allow me to get all the boxes up off the floor and find a home on a shelf. Today was also the first day that we did shipping completely from the new space.


I’ll probably do a Facebook live video tomorrow from the ewaste drive just to help promote it some the day of. People in the church and in her Girl Scout troop have been very helpful in promoting it and we hope for a good turn out. She will just have to get her project all written up and go sit before a board to receive her Silver Award which is the 2nd highest Girl Scout award. This is the highest award for her level of Scouting called Cadettes which is 6th-8th grade.


Next week you will know I’m really settled in if I get on Facebook for the first time and post some things for sale. I also need to get some new auctions up for my consignors. However, the universe is working against me as I have a summons for Jury Duty next week!


I think I’ve about come to the end of my 10 cent auction strategy. The problem is that it takes my employee so long to pull the orders that I end up losing money! Oh well at least I cleaned out some inventory.


I have some friends going to the Alabama show this weekend. I know John Hall puts on a good event. Later this month many will be going to the big show in Chicago which I’ve heard good things about. I have to turn my attention to summer camp so I will not be on the road until that’s all over and it’s time for NOAC.



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