Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 13, 2018

Yesterday was a smashing success. We nearly filled up a 24′ truck with old electronics. I just don’t know where all the people were coming from. Our get out the word campaign was pretty successful. In six hours of work we recycled countless tvs, computers, monitors, laptops, cords and even a couple of record players.


One of the neat things about doing this drive was getting to see vintage things that people turned in. More than 10 years ago my phone of choice was a Blackberry. Sure enough one lady brought us a bag with several of those and two were exact matches for the one I used to have. If nothing else it became a conversation piece with my daughter.


One guy brought in some really old Apple stuff. He had a Newton which he said was the very first PDA. I heard his story of how he used to travel in Europe for business and he could send and receive fax messages on it. He also had a very early Macbook. Several Eagle Scouts and Girl Scout leaders also came through and chatted with us.


In the end the contact person at the recycling company told us this was the most successful Scout organized drive they have ever had. So hats off to Sophia for putting this on and diverting all these items from the landfill and instead sending them off to be responsibly recycled. It was just our luck that yesterday was one of those warm May days where the temps crept up there and everybody that helped was dirty and beat when we closed up the truck.


With the project part of the Silver Award taken care of my attention now turns to summer camp. I’m meeting with the Program Director today to plan out our staff training. Then next weekend we are getting together with the staff for a training weekend to really start the heavy lifting.


Brad England and I are still cooking up some cool ideas for the SPC. With everything going on it will probably be the early fall before some of those actually come to fruition but it’s nice to have big ideas.






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