Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 09, 2020

I had a debate with another seller recently about whether the new changes to eBay’s insertion fees would be good or bad. Since now it costs virtually nothing to list something on eBay I think we will see the category grow significantly from the current level of 400k items. Does that flood the marketplace and suppress prices or bring in more buyers and sellers?

I think one trend that will only help the hobby is more reference books, videos and other resources to help people learn more about Scouting memorabilia. In the last couple of months I’ve bought a brand new conclave book from PA and a lodge book from AL. Both were in full color and very well done. We need more of that! Another collector has started up a YouTube channel with Zoom interviews on topics.

To me the biggest threat to the pipeline of new collectors is Covid. We have been forced to cancel conclaves, NOAC and the next Jamboree. All of those events are the primary places where Scouts trade patches and the next generation of collectors gets started. Throw in the bankruptcy and any structural changes that make Scouting significantly different and there is not much good news on the horizon.

I am back to launching 25 new auctions every night but only on the Santeeswapper account. Right now I have 150 live auctions on OA flaps with the first ones ending in less than 48 hours.

I think I am going to do my part in some small way by going back to my roots. My very first website was a reference site for my lodge. I still have all the original content but nobody has seen it in years. So whether it’s a YouTube style video series or blog posts I am going to bring some of that back.





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