Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 11, 2020

I mention this because one of the struggles since really ramping up my selling is finding time to remain grounded as a collector. When I started selling stuff on eBay 20 years ago it was to fund adding things to my collection. But once you turn the switch to being a dealer it spoils that childhood passion a little with the hobby.

So last night when I was pulling tshirts out of the dryer I got that tingle again when I was comparing the color of the shirts to figure out if I had the staff one already. Earlier I posted pictures of the patches on a small Facebook group for my home lodge and got the guys talking about which issues they needed. It kinda lit a spark for me and some of my old buddies.

School starts in NC next week and I can tell you that I have no idea what to expect for a Scouting year. We don’t have any unit camping trips planned and recruiting is going to be nearly impossible using the old school methods. But until daylight savings time we have plenty of sunlight so hopefully we can pull some outside patrol meetings together and keep Scouting alive this fall.

I am still running my auction strategy however now its down to just 1 store. I have 167 live auctions on my Patchblanket store with a couple of dozen ending every night. Later today I am going to move about 4,600 listings over from my Patchsniper account to that main store.

If I get time this week I will also post the blank replacement cards that I’m going to offer on my Best Hobby Pages website. These might come in handy for some of you.



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