Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 30, 2017

While many of us have been paying attention the National Jamboree there is another big International event happening right now. In Iceland several thousand Scouts are attending the World Rover Moot. Rover Scouts never caught on too well in the USA but these are your 18-25 year old Scouters so it’s a different kinda animal. I have enjoyed seeing updates from well known collector Dave Miura as well as knowing that a Scouter from my old town of Lumberton NC is among the participants.

Among the fun trades at the Jamboree was working a swap with some of the International Scouts. These guys are from Thailand. For most of the Jamboree I sported a neckerchief from their country as a friendship token after this swap. I also traded with Scouts from Korea and Ireland. The two girls from Ireland were doing the “50 state challenge” trying to get a CSP from every state. I joked with them that the hardest part of that was knowing the names of the 50 states! Whenever these International Scouts came to my blanket I just ended up giving them free patches to let them know how welcome they were.

I took a picture with the very last person I traded with at the Jamboree. We were packing up to go on a wet and soggy Thursday and this Scout did a double take when he saw me. He said he has watched all my videos and when we did a 1:1 swap I said OK that’s how I’m going to end this 7-day marathon of fellowship and patch trading. He was my last handshake of the week and I felt like he represented everything I’ve tried to do to promote the hobby.

I have started putting some of my 2017 Jamboree stuff on my new store My strategy is pretty much to auction stuff on eBay but I have some dupes that I know I can go ahead and straight sell on the site. This International Scout neckerchief is probably the best item there right now. It’s all about time – after coming back from an exhaustive trip there are only so many cups of coffee you can drink to keep listing this stuff.





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