Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 27, 2018

This weekend a lot of progress was made getting camp ready. We had an LDS work day with several dozen volunteers that spent their morning shoveling mulch and sand. The boating committee worked on the boats and a great group of volunteers super cleaned the kitchen. We are almost ready for camp!


I should have no problem keeping up my 3x per week schedule of newsletters during the summer. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years so I have a system now.


I had someone reach out to me this morning looking to convert his sizeable OA collection stored in notebooks into Best Hobby Pages . I may be a little bias but I think it’s the absolute best page system for storing your collection.


I think I have decided to go against the grain and just get 1 table for the Pre-NOAC TOR. I really don’t want to haul enough stuff up there for multiple tables and store it in my car all week while I’m having fun at NOAC. I’ve got a buddy that has invited me to join in with him and that sounds like a good plan.


On Memorial Day my daughter will be earning her cell phone bill money by working for dad. We’ve had a strict rule that Sophia must pay for her roughly $50/month data plan by doing some patch work for me. Since her bill is coming due next week she is highly motivated not to let the service get disconnected (again!).


I talked to a couple of friend who made the trip up to the Calumet TOR. Their experience convinces me that going into the fall I need to redouble my efforts to share information about TORs coming up.



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