Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 25, 2018

For the first time today I used my sorting table to really start organizing a consignment that came in last month. I have this huge 4×8 table that was custom made for me as a back yard deck table. But like many things it has been re-purposed for patches. I need plenty of space to get everything organized and ready to list. This set up in the new warehouse is perfect for that. By the time I leave for camp today I should have all these resorted into tubes by topic area which is a huge step forward.


Yesterday I hung the final shelf in the office. This set up gives me dual monitors so later I can keep one eye on Facebook deals while I’m working on listing and shipping. I also use two printers with the laser printer being for printing invoices and envelopes while the inkjet is better for shipping labels.


Another corner of the office is set up as a scanning and photography station. I do have a light box that I can pull off the shelf but this configuration was ready for some neckerchiefs that needed pictures taken. The scanner to the right has an 18 inch wide screen so I can get just about anything scanned there.


Later today I’ll be pushing off for Camp Barstow with a big morning work project on the waterfront ahead of me. This shot was from last weekend with Sophia eyeing the work. I convinced her to wear a nearly 30 year old lodge tshirt not realizing that this week the National OA would vote to allow girls in. I have no idea if she would ever do the requisite nights camping etc to be considered but it is irnonic.


I spoke today with Jason Shull who is on his way to the Calumet TOR where some of the big traders in the hobby are going to be. I’ll be shoveling dirt on the waterfront tomorrow while you are thumbing through dollar boxes so enjoy yourself! 🙂


The summer is coming quick and I only have 2 more weeks before camp. I feel like we have hired a great staff and although registration is not where I want it to be you have to start with the first year and build up the program. This summer will be a great challenge but I’m looking forward to it.



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