Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter May 22, 2018

Today is an organizing day where I hope to uncover some lost gems. I took a chance on a Facebook marketplace ad and this morning purchased 45 vegetable crates that are 12″x12″x20″ plastic. These will fit nicely on my shelves which right now are an unholy mix of cardboard boxes and every other container I’ve ever known.


I have to follow some advice that I got from John Pleasants last month. The temptation is to organize everything in your warehouse which would mean days of moving stuff from one side of the building to the other but not getting anything listed or sold. Hopefully today will be the finale of me organizing and the rest of the time will be making money.


Last night was our final pack meeting of the summer and included graduation. My son Patrick is now officially a Bear. It’s a little ironic because as a kid I couldn’t start cubs until 3rd grade and he will be going on his third year in the program when we start back in September. We had a great time and made lots of good memories. The thing that made it great was having two assistants that filled in whenever needed and help teach a lot of the belt loops.


Just when I thought I was done with Scout meetings for the year it turns out I have two on my calendar for next week. Our pack leadership is getting together Tuesday to figure out how to fill some shoes from guys that are rolling up. The other meeting is regarding adding girls to the Scouting programs next year.


I saw on Facebook the news that Camp Bob Hardin will be closed for the time being while the damage from the flash flood last weekend is evaluated and a plan to repair things is developed. It’s amazing that all that happened during an OA fellowship and nobody was injured. That says something about those Scouts!


I have placed my 2nd big order for more Best Hobby Pages product. This time I had to order three different products to replenish the stock. It looks like all that will be delivered right before I run off to camp. I will not be closing down the shop over the summer however as my employee will keep all the orders shipped out.



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