Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 18, 2020

During quarantine (or whatever we now call this period of mostly staying home) it might be a good idea for some of you to start up a website and share your knowledge. I actually have a great interview with Glenn Chase on my podcast that might give you some inspiration.

For 20 years now Glenn has run the Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp website among other projects for the hobby. This is a one stop page that is a directory of Scouting memorabilia websites, checklists, etc. It’s a great launching point for finding information but it’s been around so long that some newer collectors may have not heard about it.

My interview with Glenn was episode #59 of the podcast. I don’t think any information on the interview is dated and if anything it might actually be even easier today to start a website. But you could also just do something as simple as create and share a checklist sorta the Scott Wheeler approach that works very well.

I have over 200 live auctions on eBay right now. I don’t usually run quite that many but I had over 50 activity and camp patches from Washington State that I thought should go together. My Patchblanket.com eBay store is up to 29k+ items and the results from the first 72 hours are very good. Now I just have to keep grinding and getting more listed.

It’s ironic that visiting Glenn’s site reminds me of why I don’t run Google Ads on any of my websites. If you have anything to do with Boy Scouts those damn lawyers are going to run sexual abuse ads on your site if you open the door to that. Oh well this too shall pass we just have to wait it out.



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