Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter August 16, 2020

I am a member of several Facebook groups for eBay sellers and yesterday the topic of selling on consignment came up. Somebody had been approached by a friend about selling for them. The universal answer was people who have never sold on eBay don’t realize how time consuming it is. Most sellers have had bad experiences with consignment and their advice was to politely decline.

However the advice regarding the rate was pretty fascinating for someone like me. I have done consignment on eBay as far back as 2004. In my first consignment deal I charged so little that if I didn’t sell an item for at least $10 I lost money! So fast forward 16 years and all the online “experts” said you have to split it at least 50/50 after fees are paid.

I went to a 50/50 split about 3-4 years ago with my new consignments and that has been the right number. There is motivation there for me to prioritize these items. Nowadays I also have shelves full of my own bought and paid for items that I could spend time listing. So consignment is a route I will choose less and less as I move forward.

I am running 187 auctions on Santeeswapper. Tonight I’m launching more than 4-dozen activity patches from Washington State up for bids. I got this collection in a couple of years ago and am just now getting them up online.

Tomorrow my kids start school (online only) so things won’t really change too much around here. My wife claims on Tuesdays and Thursdays that we are going to trade places and she is going to drive to my office so she can have peace and quiet to work. Looks like I get to be a homeschool teacher 2 days out of the week after all.



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