40 Pounds of Boy Scout Patches To Unbox

Once again I was contacted by a Scouter that was looking for someone who would appreciate and find a new home for his Scouting collection. This collection came in 3 boxes and weighed more than 40 pounds. He sent it to me on preview so that I could evaluate what he had and make him a fair offer. Since filming this video I have made a deal for these items and some of them have already been turned around. For example the felt Camp Siwanoy pennant was sent to a Scouter who grew up going to that camp. The religious Duty To God pamphlet went to Indiana to become part of Paul Myer’s amazing collection. These boxes were simply so overwhelming that I edited the video to keep the video to a reasonable time frame. I hope you enjoy watching and learn a little about Scouting memorabilia.




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