Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 22, 2020



Last night at our Webelos den meeting I was trying to show the boys what Scout Spirit looked like. So we sang the classic camp song “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”. Only after each verse I asked Scouts how we could add a motion. Pretty soon on the word “ocean” we were spinning around and on the word “back” we were clapping. But the end of several runs getting faster and faster we all were laughing and out of breath. And that my friends is what Scouting Spirit looks like to me!


This week my daughter’s Scouts BSA troop will return to in person meetings for the first time since March. We will of course be outside only but this will be our first chance to all get together and spark that Scouting Spirit in these girls. We were knocking on 40 Scouts prepandemic and I am hoping we can get more of those back but like a lot of troops we might be looking at a lot of missing Scouts after 6+ months of no programming.


I shipped over 30 large D-ring binders yesterday via UPS. These were all from a giant haul I got from an engineering firm that was parting with these on FB Marketplace. It’s kinda a pain to ship but these 3″ and 5″ D-ring binders are perfect for storing your collection.


This week on eBay I have 266 auctions ending mostly on OA Conclaves. On Sunday I have a group of 118 OA flaps from a nice collection closing. This week I’m also running a sale on some stuff in my 30k item Patchblanket eBay Store.


I wanted to share information today on Scouting reopening to spread a little cheer. Things have been rough (and still are!) but I am a glass 1/2 full kinda guy so I am always looking for the positive.





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