Camp Barstow Live Boy Scout Collection Unboxing

When a collector contacted me at the beginning of the summer about a massive collection that included not only his stuff but that of his brother and father I was really intrigued. He was ready to move it on to someone that would appreciate it and I was VERY happy that he decided to sell it to me. But the twist here was that I told him to ship it to Camp Barstow where I serve as the summer camp director. There at camp on Tuesday night we do a special program called the Pop Up Scout Museum where myself and Matthew Delk give short presentations on Scouting history and display our collections. This particular week Matt was out of camp so I had the entire program time to fill. So I decided to do the collection unboxing live with Scouts and Scouters taking part in the fun.

I never intended for this to run over 50 minutes (my apologies!) but when I got to talking about the history and the Scouts were very interactive so I just let it go. As you will see in the video this family had some amazing memorabilia. If you need a reason to watch just wait til you see the WWII era merit badge sash with all four of the Air Scout merit badges on it. This was a REALLY fun unboxing and I’m glad too that the Scouts and leaders who participated got excited. I did give away some items to the participants as you will see in the video.  If you have a box of Scouting memorabilia that has been living in a closet or the attic for the last few decades let’s talk!




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