Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 06, 2022



This summer at Camp Barstow I had the opportunity to film one of the most unique unboxing videos from the 50+ that I’ve done. This one was live in front of a group of Scouts and leaders during our Pop Up Scout Museum activity on a Tuesday night of camp. The collection was out of Arkansas and belonged to an Eagle Scout who was very active. But it also contained the collection from his dad and brother.


The Scouts really got into this unboxing and as you will see in the video it became very interactive. I tried to teach them some of the history behind the items in the box and answer their questions. There were some almost comical moments at the end when the Scouts started asking what they could have from the collection. YES some freebies were recycled on the spot.


I apologize up front – it’s a long video! But if you need a reason to watch through to the end you will not want to miss the WWII era sash that belonged to his father. It’s probably the most prized merit badge sash in my collection now as he earned all 4 of the Air Scout merit badges of that era. I’ve never seen that on a sash before!


I have 237 live auctions on eBay this week. I’m continuing to feature trail patches, OA and lots of event patches. While not all of them get bids scheduling out auctions allows me to have a steady stream of new items hitting the store. Plus I get lucky like on Sunday when a felt event patch sold for over $200.


Today I am continuing to unbox and sort smaller collections that I’ve purchased over the last six months. I am REALLY hoping that by the end of the week that I’ll be done with this process. The back of my warehouse is a wreck filled with small plastic tubs. When I sort I get it down to the microscopic level. Literally all the knots go in one container, wood nickels, Cub Scouts…..you get the idea. It might be too intense but that’s kinda how my brain works. I am only OCD when it comes to patches.






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