Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 04, 2022


Friday I got a cool collection in and just had to unbox it with a quick video. This came from a guy in TX who was part of an Air Explorer squadron for a short time. Literally I think the guy only achieved the rank of 1st class as a Scout but he was proud of that uniform and held onto it since the 1960s.


Friday was a day of unboxings around my warehouse. I filmed four other big unboxings with multiple camera angles so I can get those edited for my YouTube channel. One of them has a wonderful late 1950s red jacket that was loaded with nice stuff. Last night while streaming my favorite teams season opener I removed all the patches. Some of them were sewn and others were lightly glued on.


Friday I called Brad England and chatted about Trade-O-Ree strategies. I’m in the middle a massive sorting project taking raw inventory and getting into tubs with similar items. We talked about the strategy of dump boxes versus having things alphabetized and easy to look through. I’ve got about 6 weeks until my Charlotte TOR and I want to decide what the best strategy to use is. We did not figure out anything groundbreaking but I got some ideas to kick around.


I have 258 live auctions on eBay today with a bunch of those ending tonight. These include some really old event patches with a mix of OA and trail items as well.


One of the strategies that I have really pumped the brakes on is selling on Facebook. I think it’s an absolutely winning strategy. Every time I post things I usually have some hits. However, the trade off is the time that it takes to respond to so many messages and manage the sale. You are also more likely to have someone back out as I did this week after ending some eBay listings for a guy. So it works but is just too tedious to scale.






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