Friday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 11, 2020


I heard the idea floated of a virtual TOR. This might sound a little crazy except basically it was done 20 years ago by Deryl Radder. Some of you might remember that I interviewed him before he passed on my podcast. We talked about his Y2K TOR which took place over the New Year in 2000. Certainly these days the technology is better right?


How would it work? In Y2K all the communication would have been in a chat room with text and pictures. I suppose today one could imagine some type of Zoom call with multiple rooms? I still don’t know how that would look but there are plenty of traders online and on Facebook so it should be doable.


John Pleasants has already pioneered using Zoom during the pandemic to get collectors together. I’ve watched a few of the video clips that Larry Lane has posted. Maybe these guys can figure out how to pull off a virtual TOR?


On eBay I am running OA Conclaves at auction with some ending tonight and Saturday. Sunday I have a big collection of OA rubber and metal flaps closing which will be fun to watch.


I started another sorting project this week. This one was out of necessity because I had promised to help my daughter’s troop get some inexpensive merit badges for the upcoming COH. I knew I had bags of modern plastic back issues but they were of course unsorted. So with a copy of the MB Field Guide and my sorting table I got to work. A few hours later I had everything stacked and over 70 MBs ready for the girls in the troop to receive Saturday.




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