Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 15, 2018


I am home from camp and what has been an awesome summer at Camp Barstow. We ran 3 weeks of Boy Scout resident camp along with a short week Cub Scout Safari event. I met Scouts and Scouters from four different states this summer at camp and made new friends along the way. There was an incredibly steep learning curve along the way getting back into “camp life” and being the director. However, on the other side of it all I can do is think about next year and how we can build upon the success that we had this summer. The Scoutmasters had great feedback and almost all of it was positive. I wish I had snapped a few more pictures with my kids but it was hard to slow down all summer.


I am in an out for the next two weeks before pushing off for the Pre-NOAC TOR. I hope to see many of you there.


If you would like to place an order for Best Hobby Pages and skip the postage fee then use discount code “PickUp” and I’ll had deliver it to the show. If you want make it perhaps a buddy can pick up your order and bring it home for you.


I want to publicly praise one of our own thread heads that worked on camp staff with me this summer. Matt Delk served as our Outdoor Skills Director. And while he did a great job there I want to add that he led about 350 kids on two programs he invented that were not on the schedule. Multiple times per week he led an ecology boat tour and every week he led the Bull Moose night hike. This was the first Bull Moose hike at Camp Barstow in 25 years bringing back a tradition from the past.


I am still way behind catching up on emails but perhaps when I get to Maine (vacation destination for this week) I can get to those. I appreciate everyone having patience with me as I’ve been playing Camp Director this summer.


I will share more in future issues but it appears my daughter Sophia not only drank the Kool-Aid but she chugged it. I was nervous about her liking camp but it turns out she LOVED everything about it. I credit seven years of Girl Scouts for getting her ready. Now will she join an all girl troop in February…..? Being on camp staff is not quite the same as being in a troop but I hope she will.






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