Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter July 29, 2018


Today’s Hot Finds Newsletter is coming to you from the NOAC at Indiana University. Today is #2 of the Pre-NOAC TOR put on by Chris Jensen. Yesterday was a good start to the event with lots of familiar faces reconnecting with Scouting friends.

When you get around these many Scouters you hear some scoops that need to make their way into the newsletter. One is that there is still plenty of room for Scouts to sign up for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree. All of the USA regions have space left in their contingents to please help spread the word and see if more Scouts can be part of this amazing event.

I learned this morning (maybe it’s old news) that the next NOAC will be held back at Michigan State. That will make 3/4 of the last NOACs held in Lansing. Sigh…. Well then again it’s not super hot by now even I know my way around campus up there.


I have really enjoyed having conversations with guys as they are coming through my table. So far I’ve had 2 volunteer to be interviewed for my podcast. I’ve also been able to introduce Best Hobby Pages to people for the first time which is cool too. I’m hoping to make enough money at the TOR to cover my fees and afford to sign Sophia up for the WSJ.


There are plenty of big collections being broken up here at the TOR. Probably like always this is the natural flow of the hobby as people cycle out and up and comers push in. I’ve enjoyed reading the speculation others have shared on Patch-L about the future of the hobby. I’m pretty bullish on patch trading but I do think that some of the classic ways of collecting are changing.


The real fun starts tomorrow when all the contingents show up. One of my favorite things to do is classic 1:1 trading so when that really gets going Tuesday I’ll be in my element for sure.






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