Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 11, 2022



Steven Spielberg might be a bit of a controversial figure in the minds of many long time Scouters. Those of us who were youth in the 1980s were awed by him at the 1989 National Scout Jamboree when he unveiled the Cinematography merit badge. The falling out happened in later years when he kinda renounced the organization during the culture year wars. But in his autobiographical movie coming out on November 11 the movie maker pays homage to this influence on his life.


This morning I read an AP News Story that laid out updates on the upcoming movie as he premiered it this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. Readers of the newsletter will remember that I’ve been talking about this movie for well over a year. I sourced hundreds of pounds of Scout uniforms for a Hollywood costumer to go in the movie. In the picture above IMBD shows the style of uniform that they selected down to the red and black neckerchief.


My kids are off from school on Veterans Day so I’ll buy some tickets for the movie as soon as they are available so we can see it opening night. All I have been told by the costumer is that there is a scene where the Scout receives an award in front of his whole troop. I would assume this is a Court of Honor. We went all the way with garrison style hats, belts, metal n/c slides, and all the matching patches etc. It will be a surreal moment to see this scene play out on the big screen.


On eBay I have 222 live auctions this week. These include a little OA and more events, trail and similar items. I’ve been maintaining the level of my store at about 65k items. This fall I hope to get it over 75k now that I’m back up to speed and have the operation clicking on all cylinders.
It’s been a busy week promoting the Charlotte Trade-O-Ree online and in person. A few more table reservations came in this week but we have plenty of room for any other vendors that want to take part. Just let me know!





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