Sunday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 15, 2019

Tonight the first 5-dozen auctions come to a close in the unique OA collection I’m selling. This collection includes pieces from lodges all over the country but just special issues like lodge officer, dance team, LEC, elangomats and more.

Another consignment collection I’m handling has some nice stuff from NY and TX based on where this collector has lived. To start off I’m listing items from his home lodge of Tejas. Most of these have gone up as fixed price in my store but this nice F1 is a great auction opportunity for somebody who needs it.

The other consignment that I’m working on this week is getting the rest of a Waguli Lodge 318 collection listed up for auction. This collector has a great GA OA collection and I am going to finish getting it listed this fall before the holidays slow things down. So over the next 3 months expect to hear more about these auctions.

One of the nice things about having all my stuff organized now is that I can be the community chest for outfitting neighbors and other Scouters just starting in Charlotte. Last week I helped the coworker of my Den Leader get a recycled uniform back into action. Just before heading up here I did the same for one of my sons good friends who had his first Webelos meeting Friday night.

Not a bad weekend trip! We got to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, went to see a Broadway play (Wicked) and walked the streets both night to observe the truly unique culture of the big city. My son Patrick even got recruited to join a big street performance Friday night (his birthday) that involved these men literally flipping over others. He was a big ham and everyone in the crowd cheered his birthday. We will remember this one for a long time.



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