Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter September 04, 2018

I’ve been moving some of my 2018 NOAC issues since starting up a 25% off sale. I found some more patches that never got listed from the event and I’ll try and get those up this week too before all the interest in these has waned.


It turns out my niece is going to become my newest “employee” next week. She lives in Columbia, SC but has seen her hours cut at her regular job as they eliminated her full time position. So next week she is going to come up to Charlotte with my mom and I’m going to teach her how to do some scanning and listing. She can do all this remotely from her house and just get me the stuff back when it’s time to launch.


The situation with my niece is one good example of what people on the news are calling the gig economy. It’s an informal economy where people string together work from multiple jobs to make a living. When I was a teacher we sometimes called it your side hustle. Now with the Internet more and more work can be done remotely so it makes it possible.


All this made perfect sense to the lady who I hired to help me here in Charlotte. She is a former Kindergarten teacher so she knew right away when I meant when I joked that every teacher I ever knew had a side hustle. Classroom teachers never make enough money to have a comfortable middle class lifestyle. So when I told her that my side hustle had grown to a full time business that clicked.


I’ve got to spend some time this way updating my online training and making sure I have everything nailed down for the start of our Cub Scout program year. I’ll be the Bear Den Leader this year and we need to plan out the meetings and get ready for the first den meeting Monday of next week.


I am working on some auctions that will launch tonight. These include patches from collections I purchased in the last month. I also have a great box waiting for me at my UPS store that I need to go fetch.






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