A Better Way To Honor Someone Than A Patch!


As usual I was looking about the web searching for unusal items to post here on the blanket and came across this intresting piece on John Pannel’s site oaimages.com in the blog section.



copied from oaimages*


A while back I was carrying on here, as is my wont, about special issue low run patches and how they are being faked. I opined that lodges should look for other ways than patches to reward special achievements. I believe there are better ways to recognize brothers than by presenting them with a ?special?, but still cheap, flap.


With that in mind, I share what Seminole 85 gave the attendees of their 1999 Winter fellowship. It?s a gorget. No patch was produced for this event. While it can?t be sewn onto a uniform, jacket or patch blanket it can be worn with either the Scout uniform or ceremonial/dance regalia.


Looking at this gorget it appears to have been commercial made rather than handcrafted. It probably cost a fair bit more than your run of the mill activity patch, or even most of the more interesting and novel pieces produced by some of the Florida lodges. It is a unusual piece of historical memorabilia from Seminole Lodge.


As is often the case for Florida items, thanks again to Robert Mathis for providing these images.


These gorgets should trade well nationally as well as locally. Would love to add one to my collection to show the variety of items available to collect to the younger collectors.




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