World Jamboree Flaps?

2007 World Scout Jamboree Order of the Arrow Flaps

While searching the web i found a blog for a World Jamboree collectors site and saw a Flap issued by a Lodge which made the Ole Light Bulb Glow!


How many lodges made flaps for the World Jamboree???


To my surprise there were more made than i had figured.


Below are a few that i manged to find by searching the archived blogs on John Pannell’s site.


Egwa Tawa Dee 129: S73?

Aal-Pa-Tah 237: (Two flaps)

O-Shot-Caw 265: (Two flaps)

Talidandaganu’ 293: S44?

Amangamek Wipit 470: S113?

Black Eagle 482: F12?, F13?, F14?, QF2?, X15?, YF2?

Yokahu 506: (One flap)


It begs me to ask the question again are lodges getting flap 🙂 happy?


This was a world event not a national event…..thus few lodges in attendance plus to my knowledge only the united states has flaps* (and the other known charters outside our territories) so would it have been fruitful to produce a flap? i think a patch would have been more justified to use a trading fodder. anyone care to share their opinion on this?




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